Calendars are a fundamental part of everyone's daily work routine. It takes a few clicks of a button to set up calendar events. These events could be meetings, client campaigns or holiday for your team. Team calendars will provide greater transparency across your business. 

There are two main ways to create calendar events within Crugo. The first way to create events is through your personal calendar bar at the top of your Crugo account. The second way is within a group that has calendar functionality.

Calendar bar at the top of your account.

1) Once in the calendar of your choice, simply click the green “Create Event” tab displayed on the right.  

2) On this page, you will see all the different fields to correctly insert a calendar event

3) Fill out the calendar event name, the category it comes under, start and finish dates and the participants involved in this event. You may also add in the location such as “London SW1A 2LW

4) If this event happens regularly, you can click the Repeat Event tab and choose the occurrence you want this event to repeat at. 

5) When you have finished typing in your calendar event descriptions, simply click done to add this to your calendar. 

6) You will now be able to see the event created on your company calendar. 

7) When creating events, you can do the same process by double-clicking the specific date.

8) You will then need to click back onto the “Create Event” button and go through the same process. 

 9) These will also be the same steps to use when creating calendar events within different groups. Make sure you are in the correct group to create the calendar events for that specific group.   


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