This guide will give you a breakdown of how to join and leave groups. 

Joining and Leaving Groups

  1. To join a group, you will need to click on the + button next to the word “groups” on the sidebar displayed on the left-hand side of the screen.

2) This will prompt a new screen in which you can search for all created groups and all individuals. To join a group you will simply need to click the circle on the right-hand side of the group name. 

3) Once you have clicked which groups and individuals you would like to be a part of, select the “done” button which will take you back to the main page of the Crugo platform. 

Here you will be able to see the groups and individuals that you have selected.

4) To remove yourself from groups or individuals, you will need to reverse the process. Click the “+” symbol next to the word “groups" in the left-hand sidebar and then deselect the circle next to the groups and people page. Once you have de-selected the circles, you will need to click "done" which will take you back to the Crugo homepage. 

You can freely remove and join open groups as and when you feel fit. If you would like to remain part of a group, but don’t want to receive constant notifications, you can mute the group. Please see our how to mute groups and people section.

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