Once you have successfully invited your guest users, you have the ability to automatically set up what you would like “guest users” to utilise within your Crugo platform. This useful functionality is known as Crugo Teams.

Teams can be set up before the Guest user accepts the Crugo invite or after.

  1. To find the teams section, click the arrow next to your name and company name and click on Advanced Settings.

2) A new screen shall appear, you will need to click on the “Teams Tab”. This will take you to the Crugo “Teams” page to set up your Guest Users. 

3) Once on the Teams Page select “Add Team”.

4) Step 1 

Here you are able to give your Team a name. This can be tailored to your preferences. Once you have selected your name, click next. 

5) Step 2 

You can now select the team members that you would like to be part of this “team”. If your guest user has not yet accepted the invite, you will need to click on the pending tab to find them. Select next when you are done. 

6) Step 3

The final step to teams is the ability to select what groups and individuals you would like them to be a part of/speak to. 

7) Once completed you will need to click done. 

8 )If you would like to edit the Team you have set up, simply click on the Team name and accordingly click Manage/Edit where applicable. 

You can also be do this for any type of user within the platform. You'll have full control over your members.

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