Within groups, you are able to utilise what we call "mentions". This is where somebody will mention your name within a specific chat/discussion. It works very similarly to when we mention a person on our social media accounts. 

Why would we mention a team member? 

We would mention a team member to give them a specific notification. This could be specific to conversations/discussions, or even mentioning them to tell them something directly. 

How do we "Mention" users within Crugo?

  1. When in a discussion or chat you will need to put an @ sign before a persons name/names. Crugo will auto-suggest names, so you will never have to type a full name out.

2. Once you have selected the correct person to "mention", simply type your message and hit enter. 

3. Once you have sent your message, they will receive a notification to let them know that you have specifically "mentioned" them within a group/chat. (The picture below, shows our IOS notifications, this specific picture shows that Lottie has "mentioned" me. It will tell me which group/discussion she has mentioned me in). 

Need to get the whole teams attention? Just type @group

This will again give notifications to all members of that specific group. 

Be sure to go and check out our Crugo blogs here for more information regarding our mentions. 

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