When typing in Crugo, it can sometimes be frustrating to have to constantly click specific actions to change text size, text font etc.. etc..

This article will give you a very simple guide on how you can speed up your conversations with these simple keyboard shortcuts. 

We are going to break this down into 2 sections;

  1. Typing Shortcuts (Bold, Italics) 
  2. Emojis Shortcuts

Typing Shortcuts

  1. Plain old text can be a little dull at times and sometimes when sending messages you may need to format the message. Whether you are looking to jazz up the conversation or are looking to format the text quickly, you will be able to see all format options below the text box. 


3. To format your text in italics, you simply need to add an underscore either side of your text, like this _hello, how are you_. Simply press enter when done, to see your text in this format.

4. To put a line through the centre of your text, you will need to add a tilde sign either side of the text, like this ~strike through~. 

Emoji Shortcuts 

Emojis are frequently used within group chats and direct messaging. It can be frustrating to scroll through and find the correct one. We are going to show you briefly how you can use a keyboard shortcut to choose your emoji. 

  1. When on a conversation, you will need to put a colon where you would like an emoji to be placed. 

2. Next, to the colon, you will need to type the specific words that will active the emoji. Typing the specific words you want, will activate the specific emoji related to those keywords.   

3. Once the emoji you would like appears, you can simply click on that emoji to add it to your conversation. 

4. Here is a list of common emojis to type when in a conversation;

:smile - will give you a list of smiling emojis.
:sad - will give you a list of sad related emojis.
:con - will give you a list of confused/angry emojis. 

If you would like to see more format settings/emoji settings, please visit our Crugo blog here

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