Tagging and Un-tagging files essentially mean attaching and un-attaching files from specific areas. 

Crugo can allow you to tag and un-tag files at any given moment. The idea behind this is that you will only ever have to upload a file once, as it can be attached to different groups without taking up any more storage. 

If we upload a file to one group and it needs to be uploaded to another group, we can simply tag it. 

Tagging files

  1. Locate the file that you would like to tag across into another group/chat. 

2. Click the Tag/Un-tag button located when hovering over the specific file you are looking for.

3. Click on tag/un-tag in which a new screen will appear. This screen will allow you to select the groups/deselect the groups you would like the files to move to. 

4. Select/deselect the groups you would like by clicking the circle button highlighted in blue/white. You can select/deselect as many of these as you like, it all depends on where you would want the file to go.

5. Once you have selected the groups, simply click on the blue background of Crugo. Then click the x button on the file. This will take you back to your Crugo main screen. From here you can locate the new group your file is tagged in. 

6. To remove the file from the group, you will simply need to deselect the circle (as seen in step 4). 

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