You can edit your Crugo account at any point through the account settings. The account settings will allow you to change the following information,

  • Name
  • Email
  • Position
  • Phone Number

You will also be able to change your password within this section of Crugo.

To change your settings please see the below guide;

  1. Click on the drop down arrow located next to your name and company name in the top left-hand corner. Once selected please click on the "Account" tab. 

2. A new screen will pop up which will have a total of 3 tabs. Here you can change "Your Details".

3. Once you are happy with the details entered, you will need to click the "Update" button to save all changes to that page, alternatively press "Enter" on the keyboard. 


Within the "Account" section you can also update your password which is located in the "Security" Tab. 

  1.   Click on the "Security" tab to bring the password change options. 

2. This will prompt a new screen that will allow you to fill in the details asked for.

3. Once you have entered the details correctly, you will need to click "Update" which will now change your password. 

Alternatively, you can change your password by clicking the "Forgot Password"? button on the Crugo login screen. This will send an email out to reset your password. 


Finally, you can change your notifications settings within this section of Crugo. 

Here, you will be able to enable the following settings; 

Please enable/disable by clicking the blue circle next to each option. NOTE, these are your preferences. 

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