Crugo has the capability of adding live news feeds directly into your Crugo platform. This is done via the news feeds Crugo have provided for you OR a website link of your choosing. 

The below guide will take you through how to set up news feeds.

  1. You will need to create a group (Open/Private depending on your preference), that has the RSS functionality selected. 

2. Once you have your news feed enabled, you will need to select that group and locate the settings icon located at the bottom of your screen, next to where it states "No RSS feed here yet :(". 

3. Once you have clicked this icon you will then get a new screen pop up which is where you can create your feed selection. 

4. Technology, Marketing, Business, News, Design and Startups are some of the standard news feeds we have enabled for your business. To select one of these, simply click on one of the options. 

5. You will now have some new options, that will allow you to click your desired news feed. (The below picture shows the options for the "News" recommended feeds). 

6. Make your choice and select one of the options provided. You will now be able to see your news feed within your group. (The below picture shows the BBC news RSS feed) 

7. To change this feed at any given time, simply relocate the "Settings icon" at the bottom of the screen and go back through the options to make a choice. 

Alternatively, you can select your own RSS feed by manually typing in the web address into the URL box located below the RSS and Twitter tabs. 

NOTE: You can also add your Twitter feed into Crugo, allowing you to keep up to date with your social media. 

By selecting the Twitter tab in the news feed section, you're able to search for your username which will allow you bring up your very own twitter news feed. Click done to select this news feed. 

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