Crugo calendars are very beneficial to any individuals daily life. When utilising the calendars, it is possible to set up different categories to show different events.

E.g. you could set up a yellow tab for a holiday calendar. Anything displayed in yellow will now be a holiday event. 

This article will show you how to create new categories.

  1. Locate the calendar that you would like to add a new category too. (This could be a calendar group or your main calendar tab at the top of your Crugo account).

2. Once you have selected your calendar, you will need to locate a button that looks like 3 small dots. 

3. Next, you will need to click the + button. 

4. You will be redirected to a new screen which will prompt for a "category name" and also the colour you would like that category to be. 

5. By selecting done, you will have successfully created a new category within your calendar. 

6. When creating a new calendar event, you will be able to select your new category. 

NOTE: When creating new categories you will also be able to see this category in your own personal calendar section. Your calendar section at the top of the screen will also have the option to select any calendar groups created, as well as your personal calendar. 

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