If you have a Creator or Admin privilege within your Crugo team, you will be able to look into the network statistics. Network statistics provide a full breakdown of the teams/ individuals performance throughout the working day/month.

Network statistics can be very useful to make sure your team are working efficiently and effectively. This article will break down the network statistics and what they show.

To access the Network Statistics you will need to be either an Admin or Creator of the company and will need to click the drop-down arrow next to your username and company name.ย 

This will take you to the network page like so;

Let's break this down section by section.ย 

  1. Across the top, we have all the individuals within your team. This can allow us to show an individuals statistics or "All" statistics within your team.ย 

2. The first section of the network statistics is the user stats. This will show you how many active users you have on the platform, how many guest users you have and how many invites are currently pending.ย 

3. The group's section shows you how many open and private groups have been created within the platform. If an individual is selected, it will show you how many open/private groups they are a part of.ย 

4. The messages section will show you a total number of messages sent within the platform by all users. If an individual is selected it will show you how many messages that specific individual has sent.

5. The tasks section will show you a total number of tasks within the platform. This will show a total of all tasks that have been done, tasks that are in progress or tasks that are still to be done. Again if an individual is selected, it will show you specific figures of how many tasks they have to do etc..

6. The calendar events section will show you a total number of calendar events created within the Crugo calendars. It divides them into how many public, personal or private events have been created. When an individual is selected, this number will be tailored dependant on how many events were created.ย 

7. ย The storage section shows you how much space you have utilised out of the total storage space available for your company.

8. Crugo's network statistics will put certain stats into a table, so you can see what has been done on what specific day. The company messages sent, will show you a breakdown of how many messages were sent within an open, private or direct conversation. For a selected individual you can see their individual statistics.

9. The company file uploaded section will show you where uploads have come from on a specific day. whether a file has been uploaded to a public, private or direct group, or if it has been uploaded into your own personal file tab. This can also be seen for individuals when you select their name.

10. Company tasks consist of how many are in progress, to do or to be completed. This will give you a breakdown of each day throughout the week. This can also be seen for individuals.ย 

11. Company calendar events will show you a complete analysis of each calendar event within the platform on each specific day. Again this can be seen for all individuals.

NOTE: On the "Company" graphs, the X axis will show the date, the Y Axis will show total number.ย 

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