It's hard to focus when you're getting notifications from all of your team members and you can barely focus on the task at hand as you're replying to questions or group conversations.

Crugo's 'Busy Mode' will solve this for you, it will help you focus and let others know that you're currently busy.

Simply click on the top left-hand corner where your name and company is. And you'll see 'Mark yourself as busy'

As you can see when you click the button you can choose how long you'll be busy for or how much time you'll need to complete what you're doing. 

Once you select a time, it will display how long you'll be marked as busy. As long as your marked as busy you will not receive any notifications allowing you to get on with what needs doing. (You can only mark yourself as busy for a maximum of 2 hours at any given time, this will ensure you receive notifications, making sure you're kept in the loop)

Your team mates will know that you're marked as busy because the coloured dot that indicates whether you're on-line or have been inactive for a period of time will change from Green or Orange to RED.

You can clear this at any time by simply clicking your name in the top left-hand corner and then clicking the button 'Clear' next to the red text "You are busy until .."

Thanks for reading and we hope this article helped. Remember we're always here to help and if you need to contact us press the 'HELP' button in the top right-hand corner located inside the Crugo platform.

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