In the traditional fashion when creating a Crugo account you would invite all your teammates, then create your groups that relate to your team and then manually invite each user to each group they should be a part of once they have accepted the signup invite. We realise if you have a medium to large size team this can be quite time consuming and a manual process. That's why we have created what we call Teams to help speed up this process. 

With Teams, you can specify a Team name and then choose a mixture of individual users and groups that should fall under that label. This means any user who is part of that Team will auto-enrol "join" the groups and direct conversations enabled for that team. This is useful if you have different departments within your company Crugo account, you could create a Sales Team that then auto enrols every user who has relevance with sales in your company to the following related groups; Sales-Calendar, Sales-Chat, Weekly-Reports and so on. Or you can modify the Everyone Team which is created by default for you and add additional groups or direct chats which should fall under that, for example, if you have a company-wide general chat group or file directory group that everyone should be apart of. 

Once a team is created it is always there to edit and update in the future. So if you have a new member joining your company you can simply add them to the correct team or teams and right away they will be part of all the groups and conversations they should be, in a matter of a few clicks. You can also add invited users who haven't signed up yet into a team, so once they do complete the sign-up process they will still auto enrol into the team and the corresponding groups/chats which can be very useful when setting up your whole team in one go. 

How to Create a Team

1 - If you are an account Creator or Admin user, navigate to your Advanced Settings page from your menu drop-down by clicking on your name in the top left of your Crugo window. 

2 - Select the Teams tab on the Advanced Settings page. 

3 - Here you can see your existing teams, such as the default Everyone team that is created for you by default. To add a new team click the Add Team button

4 - Give your team a descriptive name and then click Next

5 - Choose which users "Members" should be included in this team, they will auto enrol in the groups you select at the next stage. Simply click the empty circle on the right side of that user to select them. Blue circles mean that user is selected. You can also add Pending users who have not signed up yet by choosing that tab. When ready, click the Next button

6 - Now you are able to choose the Groups that are associated with this Team. Simply select the groups as you did users in the previous step. You can also add People at this stage, selecting people here adds a direct conversation to the Team with any of the users you select. When ready click the Next button

7 - That's it, your new team has been created and you can now view it and edit it at any time on the Teams listing under Advanced Settings. 

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