It only takes a few clicks to invite new users and mange pending users on your Crugo account. To do this you will need to have the ‘Admin’ privilege level or higher for your user. 

1 - If your using the Crugo Mac App or Web platform, in the top left you should see a profile picture, followed by your username and company name. If you click there a menu will pop out.

2 - Now assuming that you are an Admin user, you will see a “Network Users” option. Just click that option. 

3 - On this Network Users page you will now see all the “Pending” users. To add a new email, just type it in the input bar where it says “Enter Invite Email” and then click “Add Email” button.

4 - You can edit a pending user by clicking on the icon on the right of the email address. From this menu you can remove a user, resend the invite email to that address and adjust their access privilege level

And thats it.

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