On Crugo you can change privilege levels for each individual user. We give you the option to choose what each user can access within the platform. Each individual will have a privilege level subject to their role in the business. 

Our privilege levels are as follows;

  • Creator (1 creator within any business) 
  • Admin
  • Standard
  • Moderator
  • Guest User
  • Read Only

Changing these levels are simple. Just follow these steps,

1 – Click on the arrow next to your name and company name;

2 – Select Network users. 

3 – Once you are on the network users page, you will have chance to see Pending Users (Users that are yet to join the platform) and Active users (users that are utilising the platform with an account). To change an Active users privilege level, you will need to select the Active tab.

4 – Once active users are selected, you will need to click on the 3 dots located next to the users name. This will allow you 3 options. To change the user privilege you will need to click on “Edit User”.

5 – You will now have the option to change the privilege level to one of the 5 options available in the bottom right hand corner. Click the done button, when the correct level is selected.

6 – Finally you will be re-directed to the previous page. This should now display this users privilege level. The only privilege that is not shown next to the users name is Standard. 

Now that you have selected the appropriate privilege level, you will be able to do this for every user within the company. If you have a pending user, you will be able to change their level before they enter platform through the same protocol as active users. 

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