We understand that from time to time users will leave your team, or you may wish to remove a user on a temporary basis. We've got you covered and have made the process as easy as possible. First of all you need to decide if you wish to permanently delete a user or just temporarily suspend them.

Deleting a user

If you decide to delete a user, all their files and messages will be removed from your network, as if the user never existed. There will be no trace of the user or any content from that user anymore. This action is not reversible and should be carefully planned before executing. 

Once a user has been deleted, your network users page will be updated to reflect this change and the number of active users will be corrected. This will also update your bill. 

Suspending a user

When you suspend a user, all of their messages, files and information stay available on the network. The only change is that the user themselves will not be able to login to their account on your network. They will still show in the active users section with a small padlock icon to signify they are currently suspended. A user's account can be enabled again at any time by following the same steps..

Note: Only Creator and Admin privileged users will be able to suspend and delete other users. 

How to Delete or Suspend a User

1 - In the top left of your Crugo screen, click on your Username to open the drop down menu. Then navigate to the “Network Users” page. 

2 - Click on the “Active” tab and view all your network users in the list.

3 - Click the menu button on the user you wish to delete or suspend and select the correct action.

4 - Make sure you understand the process and if you wish to continue click the pink button with the text “Suspend” or “Delete”. If you do not wish to proceed simply click the blue "Cancel" button.

5 - Now in your active users list you will see a padlock next to a suspended user. If a user has been deleted they will no longer be visible in the list. 

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