We realise that not every point of contact you have will be on your Crugo network and that no matter how hard we try, you will still receive the occasional email. However rather than replying to all or cc’ing and bcc’ing everyone that needs to be updated into the chain, now you can simply forward that email straight into a Crugo group that already has all the relevant members. 

Note: For a group to have the email forwarding feature option available, it must have either a chat or file section as one of the enabled features. 

For this guide we will assume the group has already been created. However the process is exactly the same if you decide to enable email forwarding while creating a new group. 

1 - First navigate to the “Edit Group” screen by clicking on the menu button in the top right of your group. A pop out menu will then appear and simply click on the “Edit Group” option. 

2 - Make sure that either Chat or Files is enabled as one of the group features. Then click the email integration feature to enable it. You have the choice between “On” which allows any email address to send emails into that group or “Whitelist” which only allows emails from your network users and any third parties that have been added to the whitelist to be received by the group. 

3 - Once you have made your selection just click “Done” and you will be redirected back to the group. Now in the top right of the group, near the original menu button, you will see a mail icon. If the whitelist option is enabled you will see a mail icon with a shield covering part of it. 

4 - Hover over the mail icon to display your group’s unique email address. Just click the email icon to copy that address to your clipboard. 

5 - Now just forward an email to that group's email address and it will display a summary inside the chat, with the ability to “Preview Original” also. 

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