On Crugo you can invite guest users into your network and allow them access to a set number of groups and conversations. This allows you to control what groups they can join, what they can search for and who they can have direct conversations with. Unlike a standard user, a guest user will not be able to join open groups in your network without first being invited to them. 

1 - Read the previous article, “How to invite users”.

2 - Once you have entered a users email address and they appear in the pending list, then just click on the menu button to display all the available options. Click the “Edit Access” option. 

3 - Here just select the “Guest User” option and click done. Now when the user completes the sign up process they will become a guest user on your network. This process is the same for “Active” users in your company, you can edit them at anytime to become a guest user or upgrade a guest user to a full user. 

Note: Once a guest user signs up and joins your network, they will not have access to any conversations or groups by default. You will need to invite them to each group individually or you can set up a guest user “team” and make this process automatic. 

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