We're happy to announce that we have integrated with Zapier, which allows you to connect your Crugo account with over 750 other applications in just a few clicks!  


1 - First you need to create a Zapier account, you can sign up for free here

2 - Decide what you would like to integrate with your Crugo account. Anything from Google Calendars, Salesforce, Asana and so on. Then click on the "Create A Zap" button at to top of your Zapier account.  

3 - You are then prompted to choose your Trigger. This is the platform or service that you would like to send data from and to your Crugo account. 

4 - Follow the flow of steps to connect with you Trigger App and then choose what action you would like to happen on Crugo. The Crugo Zap offer six different actions as shown below. Select the desired action and then continue to connect your Crugo account. 

5 - Select the "Create a New Account" button and then fill in your email address and password associated with your Crugo login. Once this step is completed your Crugo account is officially connected. Please note that if you reset your Crugo password, you will need to repeat this step as your unique API tokens will change. But we are here to help if this happens so don't hesitate to get in touch. 

6 - Now follow the remaining flow of steps to complete your Zap. You can choose which specific groups to send data to and customise how the data is formatted by selecting insertable fields. By clicking on the icon like the one shown below. 

7 - The final step is to test your Zap and if all goes well, then turn it on. 

You're Integrated! 

Now your Zap is all set up and you should receive the selected data in your Crugo account. Keep in mind that some apps send data instantly and others work on 15-minute intervals, so there can be a short delay. 

Zapier does have a free accounts option which allows each user to have 5 active Zaps and 100 triggers actioned each month. For most companies, this is enough as you can multiple Zapier accounts connected to your company Crugo account. However if you would like one master account, you can upgrade your plan with Zapier. 

Remember we are always here to help 🙂.

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